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What are Notty Designs most Used Products?

Notty uses a variety of products that help create her pieces. She firmly believes that the tools don’t matter, it is what you can do with them. Nonetheless, here are some of her favorite supplies that she uses all the time.

  • Holbein Watercolor Paints

  • Bhea Reese Brush Pen

  • Master Touch Brushes

  • Embossing Heat Tool by Paper Studio

  • Signo Uni-ball or Gelly Roll White Gel Pens

  • Faber Castell or Micron Pens

  • Graphgear 500 0.3 Mechanical Pencil

  • Blending Stumps

How did Notty DEVELOPED her style?

Notty developed her style through studying real life, watching an insane amount of anime and reading manga. She also takes inspiration from her favorite artists and twists them to create her own unique style. She recommends studying real life subjects and learn the fundamentals of the anatomy. Once you have, she states that your style will show itself. ”It will come to you when you least expect it".” - Notty Designs

Is Notty Designs Currently taking COMMISSIONS?

Notty is currently taking all commissions. There are limited slots available, to secure yours please check her commission page here.

Can I have a Notty Designs art piece tatted? can she design a tattoo for me?

Yes, you can have any creation of Notty Designs tatted upon you unless she states otherwise. All she asks is that you support her by buying a print of the piece you plan to get tattooed on you and to tag her so she can freak out! She does design tattoos as well. If you would like to commission her for one, please check her commission page for rates.

How did Notty Designs create any products, what are her suppliers, etc?

Through research! Notty Designs believes that if you want to learn anything about this business and if you are serious about taking the path of an artist, you will do the research that all artists had to do to possess the knowledge they have now. Notty Designs does offer free tutorials on YouTube and exclusive content that is available to her patrons over on Patreon. If you would like to pick her mind, those platforms are the best way to do that.